About Us

Delivering a functional environment for your IT infrastructure to ensure BUSINESS CONTINUITY is the ‘raison d’etre’ of 22by7 Solutions. We are forerunners in Cyber Security, ILM, Cloud & Virtualization and Network Infrastructure.

We are known in the industry to be committed to delivering tailor-made solutions to strengthen your IT backbone, thus helping your business achieve its maximum potential. Our certified experts are with you every step of the way in designing, deploying and managing your IT – doing our best do go the extra mile in supporting you with our reliable platform ‘ASSIST DESK’.

Our most valuable asset is our fantastic team! Our 100+ member organization comprises exclusively of highly passionate trained individuals, making us a force to be reckoned with. Each member is motivated solely to deliver timely, creative solutions for your business, and ensure a global standard of customer experience at every step of your organization’s journey.

Why choose us

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Our mission

To provide cost-effective IT solutions to enterprises thus enabling them to  achieve business efficiency, continuity & rapid recovery capabilities.

Our vision

To become the “most trustworthy and reliable IT company” providing expert business continuity solutions that ensure clients’ peace of mind.

Why '22by7'?

The mathematical expression 22by7 , which is represented by the Greek letter pi , is a constant factor in any business calculations. Without pi , organizations will not be able to understand neither assess its business performance nor volume.pi is necessary for you to generate pie-charts to figure out which segments within your organization have contributed to business growth, what is the percentage? etc.

Thus we chose 22by7 as our company name, since we felt that by being a constant factor in your calculations we will be able to add value to your business growth.

We are confident about delivering on this promise because Team22by7 comprises of highly skilled, dedicated and motivated members with a sharp focus on client-servicing.

Our team

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