ILM and Cloud Solutions

Information Life-Cycle Management and Cloud Solutions

Our specialists devise IT TRANSFORMATION SOLUTIONS that help your businesses MANAGE DATA, by storing it efficiently and responsibly, in a scalable and easily recoverable manner.

Furthermore, we have a unique expertise in creating provisions for virtualizing literally anything in your data center! This paves the way to increase your consolidation ratios, improve security & manage business processes efficiently, ensuring lower CAPEX & quicker ROI.

Customize your cloud with proven solutions

Achieve greater business agility and accelerate time to market with a customized cloud solution. From concept to completion, we’ll help you execute a cloud strategy that aligns to your specific project goals and business vision.

Simpler IT, Faster Results

Choose the right converged solution

Get recommendations on selecting the right technology for your specific workloads

Learn how to leverage HCI and CI

Industry analysts and experts will help you with a variety of topics

Protect your virtualization environment

We help you have a secure,adaptive and resilient modern infrastructure


  • Your storage elements get physically damaged, causing a loss of data?
  • There is a malicious breach in security, where an internal or external hacker deletes sensitive company data?
  • You face software failures or viruses that impact the integrity of your stored data?
  • A natural disaster causes the loss of an entire computer facility?

It is critical that your org data is SECURE, efficiently BACKED-UP & RECOVERABLE.

It is often said that offsite data storage will protect a business from these types of events. Government regulations may require certain data to be kept for extended timeframes. Corporations may establish their own extended retention policies for intellectual property to protect them against litigation. The regulations and business requirements that drive data as an archive generally require data to be retained at an offsite location.

Creating a copy of your data can go a long way to protect your business. It is equally important therefore, to set up the right infrastructure to help you manage this data for a healthy Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) story.

Bring the Power of Enterprise Cloud Solutions to the Data Center

Deliver business critical apps, like Oracle and SAP, with enterprise reliability and fast performance

Make VDI predictable, cost effective and low risk. Start small and scale one node at a time

Unify IT Operations across I Clouds, and make multi-cloud application mobility a reality

Run Workloads on your elastic, software-driven infrastructure that scales on-demand

Simplify remote IT infrastructure and manage centrally with a single pane of glass

Protect applications and data with integrated backup and disaster recovery