Pivot to the ‘New Normal’ by transitioning to a hybrid workplace that can

  • Deliver secure connectivity in hyper-distributed environments
  • Harness the data generated by your users, access devices, and IoT devices
  • Leverage this data (generated real-time) to make data-driven adjustments to your business in order to better serve your customers

What is the Edge?

The Edge can be any environment involving a large amount of data generated by multiple users and devices. It is based on the idea of leveraging the data generated at the point where the business is done to make data-driven optimizations to your business.

Although the possibilities stretch far beyond the horizon and are difficult to pen down, one thing is certain – Those that can harness the power of the Edge will win and those that can’t, will lose.

Why Aruba ESP is your Go-To Solution to Win at the Edge

The Aruba ESP is the industry’s first AI-powered platform that is
designed to unify, automate, and secure the Edge.


AIOps monitors your network and reveals issues before users notice them. It can also automatically fix your Wi-Fi, wired, or SD-WAN environments.

Unified Infrastructure

Unified Infrastructure enables you to build a unified network – from wireless to WAN, branch to data center, campus to cloud.

Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust Security uses role-based access control policies to follow users and devices, regardless of how and where they connect.

IT Spends in a Slump after Budget-Cuts?

Worry not, 22by7 is here to help! Explore a flexible consumption and financing option that is suitable to YOUR budget.

imgReach out to our IT financing consultant now

IT Financing and Asset Lifecycle Options Available to Aruba Customers


Accelerated Migration

Generate cash from your existing assets Convert your existing (owned) IT assets into cash as you continue to use it. Aruba can also buy back any excess, new-gen technology that is no longer required.


2020 Payment Relief Program

Acquire any IT solution today and pay only ~1% of the total value in 2020 (post which you pay ~3.3% of the total contract value monthly).


Payment Deferral

Acquire IT infra now and pay later with our 90-day delayed payment structure.


Extended Deployment

Acquire your compute and storage capacity with the flexibility to configure and test your systems before making the payment (deployment schedule can extend up to 12 months).


Certified Pre-Owned Technology

Acquire certified previous-generation technology (pre-owned) that comes with a standard 30-day warranty.


Short-Term Rentals

Bridge the gaps between IT projects at a fraction of the cost by renting certified pre-owned IT technology (3 to 12 months).

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